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These days I was busy with my website, I prepaired it using JSP/Java/Servlets and Net beans, but my provider still didn’t send me information about the J2EE facilities of their hosting, I had to launch my website so I moved to PHP for first time. PHP is like JSP but it doesn’t compile to a servlet or any other binaries, PHP translates pages as they are requested then it generates an out put. I found that its very useful to make reports. In PHP you just need to make your file as a text document then insert some PHP tags for your specific purposes then pass that file to PHP interpreter: $ vi myfile.php $ php myfile.php Then it will show your text containing result of PHP processed data. I enjoyed using PHP, its fast and powerfull, you can find more information about PHP in its official website, documentation is very good and prepared in different formats. PHP Website:...


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Well, today I studied some new points about blocking spams, lots of ways, I chosed one, I don’t know how effecient is it. I added some spice to my mail server. Let’s see how…. There are lots of websites providing different types of databases to let your spam blockers how to distinguish between spams and good e-mails, Some ways are like DNS Lookups for bogus IP addresses, using dummy SMTP servers, using deferral SMTP daemons, firewalling and blocking bogus spam senders, They way I have chosen today was blocking IP addresses from TCPSERVER which handles my mail server services, the TCPSERVER provide TCP connectivity for any TCP based service, I should tell you that my mail server is installed on FreeBSD, so all given information is based on that OS. those guys who installed qmail with Life With Qmail direction they remember that if they want to give access of connecting...

Custom Printer Paper size!

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Have you ever tried to add a new paper size for your printer? Today I tried to define my fanfold paper size in windows, I thought that would be useful to share it with others, Follow these steps to add new paper size: Go to Start->Settings->Printers Select one of your printers ( Just Select Single Click) From menu bar select File->Server Properties Now you can add a new Customized Form size in Forms tab If you spent more time you can fine usefulthings in that window

New day! New problem!

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Actually there was no problem today; I just finalized my other plan in order to provide a better service for the company customers. In our network we provide two major services, first, dial-up internet access, second, POP3 e-mail. Currently, users from outside can connect to our dial-up lines which are low quality analogue PSTN lines; we already have internet access on new digital E1 lines but e-mail users still using the old service. It’s been long time that I have this idea in my mind to move them all using new digital lines instead of those old lines. I had a design, today I made it. Yesterday, I installed my last Firewall/Webcache which prepared with FreeBSD, pf Firewall and SQUID web cache and I decided to use them to let our e-mail users to login to the same network access server without having access to internet, I needed a private IP range to assign it to mail users so...


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Nowadays, you can see too much of internet resources are consumed by useless garbage like spams, virus traffics, circular forwarded useless e-mails and many other stuff…. Its administrator’s job to decrease internet traffic with using power of accelerators, caches, antispams and software’s like that…. Today I installed new web-cache server, the most famous one SQUID. About a year ago I installed one on OpenBSD with a Compaq proliat, but the server was not so powerful to handle all demands as fast as you can feel it. The company bought Two Compaq G3 servers, I installed one as corporate mail server using Qmail on FreeBSD, the last one that I was working on today, I used it as Network Gateway and Firewall, I’m sure it can handle all demands, so I’m not worry about that. The reason I’m writing this is to tell you some directions to make your own cache server,...

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