JAVA: Using JPanel as Application Main Panel

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Most of the programmers like to have the most beautiful menu bars and components in their applications, but in Java programming language, because of limited access to system level resources; it is a little bit difficult.Today I am going to explain how to make an attractive application frame, what I am going to say here is just the basics and a simple application that you can download and run it as a NetBeas Project.Since I usually use NetBeans IDE, this entire document is based on that IDE, so if you want to match this information with your programming environment you might check documents of your product.Normally when you are going to build a menu driven application in java, you make a Frame then start adding new components, this shows the normal borde for your application, but if you need more your should use JPanel instead of JFrame, working with JPanel need more manual codes but...

Loading Cisco IOS from ROMMON…

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Few days ago when I reloaded my Cisco 3725, it didn’t come up, I tried many times, I found that it can not be the IOS problem, though it could’t be found by the router, I finally recovered that problem, my Cisco Instructor, Charles, gave me useful hints to fix my problem.Here I want to tell you about useful commands in ROMMON mode which help you to run your IOS from flash: memory, dir and boot , see the examples below: rommon2> dir flash:       File size         Checksum  File name5358032 bytes (0x51c1d0) 0x7b16    c2600-i-mz.122-10b.binrommon3> boot flash:c2600-i-mz.122-10b.bin You can find more information about those commands in...

Loading Cisco IOS using TFTPDNLD !

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Suppose you lost your Cisco flash memory and you need to download a new IOS using ROMmon mode, my Friend Ahmed Magdy who is my Cisco instructor as well, gave me the following instructions. Step 1:Put your TFTP Server and Cisco router on a LAN segment. You should know TFTP Server IP address, IOS image name, Subnet mask of the network which your TFTP Server is connected to, and if your router is not connected to the same LAN of your TFTP Server you should use the gateway address as well. Step 2:Follow these commands, rommon 1> IP_ADDRESS= 2> IP_SUBNET_MASK= 3> DEFAULT_GATEWAY= 4> TFTP_SERVER= 5> TFTP_FILE=c2600-jsx-mz.122-10a.binrommon 6> TFTP_VERBOSE=2rommon 7> TFTP_CHECKSUM=0rommon 7> tftpdnld IP_ADDRESS: IP_SUBNET_MASK: DEFAULT_GATEWAY: TFTP_SERVER:

BSCI means Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks

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One of my favourite things that I really like by heart is to learn and learn and learn….. last month I attended in BSCI course and learned lots of new things and experienced a lot. Of course my instructor Charles helped me too much and I really appreciate him because of all of his efforts that put to help me learn whatever I didn’t know. Thanks Charles….

3Com Switch Password Recovery

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Today I tried to find how I can recover a lost password of 3Com Manageable Switch for my further reference, we use 3Com Manageable SuperStack3 Model:3250, you can try this procedure with the other models it might work. Follow these steps to recover the password:1. Connect your PC serial port to console port of your device, use Hyper Terminal as a dumb terminal with these communication settings, 8-N-1, Flow Control = Hardware, baud rate = 19200.2. To force device to go to password recovery mode enter recover for both login and password.3. Device goes to the recovery mode and it shows counting down for 30 seconds, during this period you should turn of your device and turn it on. Note: GIVE AT LEAST 15 SECONDS TO THE DEVICE BEFORE TURNING IT ON 4. After starting up, the device asks you for a new admin password. Enjoy...

Google Search Language Setting

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Since I use Google search in my website, I had a small problem with its results. Google normally checks your IP address, regional settings and cookies then return results in your language if its possible. In my case I got different languages in different browsers, when you create search profile in Google control panel, it does not provide any feature to set the search result language. To solve this, when you search normally through Google website, look through the query string showing in your address bar, a parameter named hl holds language name of the result, if you change its value like this hl=fa you will receive search result in Persian, and en is for English. For your website you need to add this inside Google search form for English language: For other languages, at this time, Goggle supports these languages: Persian=fa, Arabic=ar, English=en, Indonesian=id, Romanian=ro,...

Picas2 Category Password Recovery….

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When I was trying Picasa2 features I found that it can protect specific categories by password, I set a password, after a while I forgot it!!!! I tried google to find password recovery for Picasa2, but there was nothing on the web, to be honest, I didn’t search too much because I was almost sure that I can solve it 😉 Anyway, This might help you to recover your Picasa2 category password. 1. Open this folder on your computer: [localUsernameProfile]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Picasa2\db 2. Remove (Or Rename) this file: catdata_info.pmp 3. Open Picasa2 4. Change the password of that category 5. Exit from Picasa2 After that you will find another catdata_info.pmp in that folder Have...

Hello and Picasa2 are good softwares!

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Today I found these two softwares very useful to manage my pictures and share them with my friends, I installed both of them, at first glance they look very strange but easy to understand, after you start working with them you will find that their dictionary is completely different from other common softwares, I think they will add some new words to our Computer/Internet vocabulary, these two softwares are other inventions of Google and I think they can be more common for home users. Picasa manages your pictures and Hello lets you communicate with other Hello users and share your pictures, when you chat with your friends try some smilies, they are funny I tried ‘:)’ ‘:(‘ ‘XO’ ‘LOL’ , you may find more! Picasa and Hello work together, it means when you receive a picture from your friends on Hello you can have it in you Picasa as well, even...

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