The technology in next 50 years

By on Dec 29, 2005 in Philosophy, Top Stories | 0 comments

We all know that the technology is strongly tightened with our lives; if we look around we can easily find technology footprints. We are surrounded by technology, we are borne with technology and live with technology. It’s been long time that this phenomenon is penetrated to any aspect of our life. As a proof we can refer to UNESCO reports and announcements that define literate individuals as people who are able to program computers. This implies the fact that we need to employ technology in order to find ourselves as a member of a modern society. This is the beginning, technology growth will never stop, and hence living in modern societies enforces us to employ this phenomenon more than ever. No one could believe that those big, heavy and low quality music players would be replaced by small, light and high quality digital music players? This particular example shows the...

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