Crimes and P2P Networks

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P2P networks are intended to connect hosts that are connected to the Internet in order to interchange files directly, this method, technically, has a nice and smart idea behind it, but it takes the control away for authorities and digital content owners. One of the most discussed cases of P2P crimes is violation of intellectual properties rights, books, multimedia and software are subjects of this type of crimes. With a P2P network, one can search and find other peers that have or pretend having files that he or she needs. Searching the net reveals that there are many cases versus P2P companies and developers, such as GRANT T. STANLEY [CyberCrime.gov, 2006]. Distributing malware, viruses, worms and exploits are other important issues which its complexity is completely different from intellectual property issues. Computer literates know that downloading files might contain malwares that...

Email information leakage investigation

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Precautionary actions: In order to prevent more information leakage, all incoming e-mails are forwarded to a temporary alias e-mail address. Afterward, one of the IT personnel is assigned to feed the mailbox with fake and unreal information that look real by which we can keep the criminal watching the mailbox. Digital evidence collection/reduction and collection: In this phase, all SMTP connections for mail relay, POP, IMAP and web connections that try to access this specific mail box should be recorded and logged, since we can not distinguish between different mailboxes while TCP connections are being intercepted, we need to recover contents of all TCP packets coming and leaving the mail server, after information recovery, we need to filter unwanted data and keep the necessary data. In order to intercept the packets we can use Ethereal in bottleneck of the network or on the mail...

Using NetMeeting to share your Desktop

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NetMeeting, like any other Client-Server technologies, need two different types of configuration to share your home desktop to be accessed from remote.At Server side you need to configure NetMeeting to host your connection session, after configuring the server side you will have a service running on your system waiting for remote connections, for the client side you don’t need to do very specific settings. Read full story.

Loading Cisco IOS from ROMMON…

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Few days ago when I reloaded my Cisco 3725, it didn’t come up, I tried many times, I found that it can not be the IOS problem, though it could’t be found by the router, I finally recovered that problem, my Cisco Instructor, Charles, gave me useful hints to fix my problem.Here I want to tell you about useful commands in ROMMON mode which help you to run your IOS from flash: memory, dir and boot , see the examples below: rommon2> dir flash:       File size         Checksum  File name5358032 bytes (0x51c1d0) 0x7b16    c2600-i-mz.122-10b.binrommon3> boot flash:c2600-i-mz.122-10b.bin You can find more information about those commands in...

Loading Cisco IOS using TFTPDNLD !

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Suppose you lost your Cisco flash memory and you need to download a new IOS using ROMmon mode, my Friend Ahmed Magdy who is my Cisco instructor as well, gave me the following instructions. Step 1:Put your TFTP Server and Cisco router on a LAN segment. You should know TFTP Server IP address, IOS image name, Subnet mask of the network which your TFTP Server is connected to, and if your router is not connected to the same LAN of your TFTP Server you should use the gateway address as well. Step 2:Follow these commands, rommon 1> IP_ADDRESS= 2> IP_SUBNET_MASK= 3> DEFAULT_GATEWAY= 4> TFTP_SERVER= 5> TFTP_FILE=c2600-jsx-mz.122-10a.binrommon 6> TFTP_VERBOSE=2rommon 7> TFTP_CHECKSUM=0rommon 7> tftpdnld IP_ADDRESS: IP_SUBNET_MASK: DEFAULT_GATEWAY: TFTP_SERVER:

BSCI means Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks

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One of my favourite things that I really like by heart is to learn and learn and learn….. last month I attended in BSCI course and learned lots of new things and experienced a lot. Of course my instructor Charles helped me too much and I really appreciate him because of all of his efforts that put to help me learn whatever I didn’t know. Thanks Charles….

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