Okay, my friend joined to the game!

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For people who knows farsi language they can use his blog to improve their knowledge about compiling FreeBSD Kernel. http://j2ee-saleh.blogspot.com/2005/01/kernel-freebsd-freebsd-source-mount.html I recoomend you to follow his blog…

Here is my website

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These days I was busy with my website, I prepaired it using JSP/Java/Servlets and Net beans, but my provider still didn’t send me information about the J2EE facilities of their hosting, I had to launch my website so I moved to PHP for first time. PHP is like JSP but it doesn’t compile to a servlet or any other binaries, PHP translates pages as they are requested then it generates an out put. I found that its very useful to make reports. In PHP you just need to make your file as a text document then insert some PHP tags for your specific purposes then pass that file to PHP interpreter: $ vi myfile.php $ php myfile.php Then it will show your text containing result of PHP processed data. I enjoyed using PHP, its fast and powerfull, you can find more information about PHP in its official website, documentation is very good and prepared in different formats. PHP Website:...

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