Hello and Picasa2 are good softwares!

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Today I found these two softwares very useful to manage my pictures and share them with my friends, I installed both of them, at first glance they look very strange but easy to understand, after you start working with them you will find that their dictionary is completely different from other common softwares, I think they will add some new words to our Computer/Internet vocabulary, these two softwares are other inventions of Google and I think they can be more common for home users. Picasa manages your pictures and Hello lets you communicate with other Hello users and share your pictures, when you chat with your friends try some smilies, they are funny I tried ‘:)’ ‘:(‘ ‘XO’ ‘LOL’ , you may find more! Picasa and Hello work together, it means when you receive a picture from your friends on Hello you can have it in you Picasa as well, even...

GAG! The Graphical Boot Manager.

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I was looking for a simple and easy to user/install software to use it as multiboot manager on my laptop. I googled and found a very simple boot manager, it’s just a free software which you can download it from http://gag.sourceforge.net/download.html , then you just need to make a floppy and …… Okay.. When you download the zip file, read install.txt to find out how to deploy this small software. About the features I just copied following information: Allows boot of up to 9 different operating systems. It can boot operating systems installed in primary and extended partitions on any available hard disk. Can be installed from nearly all operating systems. GAG doesn’t need its own partition. It installs itself in the first track of the hard disk, which is reserved for these kinds of programs. It can also be installed on a floppy disk, without using the hard disk....

Mozilla Firefox is amazing!

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I’m really excited since I ran Mozilla Firefox 1.0 on my PC for the first time, I found Internet Explorer features and Mozilla security in Firefox. Specially I found it very quick and tiny! One of the most important features that other well known softwares does not support in a good manner is Site Feed Handling. With Firefox you will be informed if the website you are visiting has Site Feed. Firefox sister is Thunderbird, which is a powerful mail client, I like it. It handles Site Feeds like e-mails so you can be more comfortable with this part of it. The most important part of an e-mail client is to be able to work with large files, I didn’t check this software with lots of e-mails, if Mozilla programmers haven’t check this before, your huge amount of e-mails might overwhelm the software’s normal activity! My suggestion is to backup your e-mails occasionally...

Okay, my friend joined to the game!

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For people who knows farsi language they can use his blog to improve their knowledge about compiling FreeBSD Kernel. http://j2ee-saleh.blogspot.com/2005/01/kernel-freebsd-freebsd-source-mount.html I recoomend you to follow his blog…

How to use .htaccess files for APACHE HTTP Server

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If you have important information which you don’t like to make them public, you can use .htaccess files to customize your directory. But you have to ask from your provider if they can provide you .htaccess file. I post this memo because lots of people use shared hosting services because of their cheap prices, so if you are going to put important information on those type of hosts, asking about this feature will help you for your further website developments. First of all you should have your passwd file to be uploaded on the server, or the hosting service provider should give you some tools to handle this file. After you create your passwd file you should put in a secure place that nobody can access it. of course you should be able to access it through FTP or webtools to handle users and passwords. If your provider doesn’t have these tools you can create password file...

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