Companies specializing in computer forensics software or services

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There are two types of companies in computer forensics field, first, those who are producing software and hardware tools, second, those who provide services. Nonetheless, there are other companies that they produce tools but they have their own team to handle digital evidence collect information from digital/computer systems.

I found three companies that provide various services, so I couldn’t produce tabular comparison, they nonetheless work in forensics field, and this is common between them.

X-Ways Software Technology AG1, this company produce a software named WinHex which is specialized tool for analyzing and working with raw information within memory or hard disk. Besides many technical features, it’s empowered by some forensics tools and extra features that can help forensics examiners to extract information from a digital media, such as files, disks or memory of the computers.

Here are some of the WinHex features that can be used for forensics examination:

The second company that I have found, Computer Forensic Services (CFS)2, provides services, this company doesn’t produce any product, but they have their own software and hardware tools in order to provide their services.

Their services cover requirements of a wide range of customers, individuals, corporations, law firms, regulatory bodies and courts. Their main services are as follows:

They also made this point that they don’t conduct Criminal Defense services. From this, I thought that there might be people who conduct such services for criminals!

The last company I came across is also called “Computer Forensic Services”3, it provides the following services:

All of the companies that I have found, try to discover and analyze the information that can be used for trial as digital evidences. Each of which supports their clients in order to produce acceptable and provable evidence in court. Therefore, processing the collected information can be done with themselves.


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Note: This article is prepared for university of Liverpool.

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