Picas2 Category Password Recovery….

By on Jan 25, 2005 in Software and Tools | 0 comments

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When I was trying Picasa2 features I found that it can protect specific categories by password, I set a password, after a while I forgot it!!!! I tried google to find password recovery for Picasa2, but there was nothing on the web, to be honest, I didn’t search too much because I was almost sure that I can solve it 😉

Anyway, This might help you to recover your Picasa2 category password.

1. Open this folder on your computer:

[localUsernameProfile]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Picasa2\db

2. Remove (Or Rename) this file: catdata_info.pmp

3. Open Picasa2

4. Change the password of that category

5. Exit from Picasa2

After that you will find another catdata_info.pmp in that folder

Have Fun!!

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