Hello and Picasa2 are good softwares!

By on Jan 25, 2005 in Software and Tools | 0 comments

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Today I found these two softwares very useful to manage my pictures and share them with my friends, I installed both of them, at first glance they look very strange but easy to understand, after you start working with them you will find that their dictionary is completely different from other common softwares, I think they will add some new words to our Computer/Internet vocabulary, these two softwares are other inventions of Google and I think they can be more common for home users.

Picasa manages your pictures and Hello lets you communicate with other Hello users and share your pictures, when you chat with your friends try some smilies, they are funny I tried ‘:)’ ‘:(‘ ‘XO’ ‘LOL’ , you may find more!

Picasa and Hello work together, it means when you receive a picture from your friends on Hello you can have it in you Picasa as well, even you can have chatting archive.

You can find them from here:

Picasa: http://www.picasa.com/

Hello: http://www.hello.com/

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