Mozilla Firefox is amazing!

By on Jan 9, 2005 in Networking | 0 comments

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I’m really excited since I ran Mozilla Firefox 1.0 on my PC for the first time, I found Internet Explorer features and Mozilla security in Firefox. Specially I found it very quick and tiny!

One of the most important features that other well known softwares does not support in a good manner is Site Feed Handling. With Firefox you will be informed if the website you are visiting has Site Feed.

Firefox sister is Thunderbird, which is a powerful mail client, I like it. It handles Site Feeds like e-mails so you can be more comfortable with this part of it.

The most important part of an e-mail client is to be able to work with large files, I didn’t check this software with lots of e-mails, if Mozilla programmers haven’t check this before, your huge amount of e-mails might overwhelm the software’s normal activity!

My suggestion is to backup your e-mails occasionally and don’t let your mail directory become too big.

Two things are useful to be added when Mozilla programmers revise the software. Ability of dragging and dropping e-mails from mailbox list in Thunderbird and copy them to a real folder on the hard drive with .eml extension, like outlook. This will help user to be able to make a clean back up of his/her e-mail.

Another thing, its good idea to add Tray Icon in software, so the user can hide Thunderbird’s window and its button from Task bar and have the software running when user are doing other tasks.

I suggest you to use this software and enjoy browsing the net, if you are not windows users or you use different language you can use it either. Check Mozilla website to find more information.


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